Tales of Mud
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2015
Duration: 45
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 1
Today, most people s first association with mud is dirt. But when you scratch the surface of this dirt, you quickly find that mud is actually quite a flexible material for design that offers unique properties in both work and play. After millennia of working with mud and forming it into various shapes, from children playing in the mud to building houses and entire settlements from mud, it is easy to see that mud has been an essential part of civilisation throughout history for the majority of the planet s population. Modern trends involve getting back to nature, healthy lifestyles, and living in buildings made from natural materials surrounded by a healthy environment. One enthusiast in the village of Karanac in Baranja founded the Mud Academy, which provides participants of various ages the intellectual and creative ability to turn mud into various products, from bricks, dishes, and jugs to houses. The technology of building houses out of mud has not changed for five thousand years, as confirmed by exhibits in the recently-opened Vučedol Culture Museum. The founder of the Mud Academy from Karanac was hired to reconstruct a cross-section of a Vučedol culture house, one of the most important exhibits in the museum. Can the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in buildings made from natural materials in this case, mud make a significant contribution to the tourist appeal of Slavonia and Baranja, and help increase self-employment and reinvigorate Croatian village life?