Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2015
Duration: 50
Picture format: 16:9
Director: Dražen Žarković
Screenplay: Vladimir Brnardić, Krešimir Čokolić & Ivica Dlesk
Executive Producer: Marija Kosor & Stipe Župić
Produced by: HRT
Awards: World media festival-Hamburg 2016- silver medal-Intermedia Globe
The docudrama "Alka" was co-produced with the Chivalric Society of Alkars for the 300th anniversary of the victory over the Ottomans and the holding of the Alka ceremonies. It shows the Ottoman siege of Sinj and the victory of its defenders, the basic features of the chivalric contest of the Alka, and its importance in the local, Croatian, European and world contexts. In 1715, immediately after the miraculous victory of the Croatian people of the heroic Cetina March over the conquering Ottoman army, they founded the chivalric contest of the Alka of Sinj, as a lasting commemoration of the heroism of their forebears, and as incentive to generations to preserve not only the warlike spirit of the defenders against the enemy, but also competition in nobility, propriety and workmanship. This is a contest that has, through centuries of tradition, woven itself into the nation, become its undeniable driving force, bearer of popular pride. In 1979 the Alka of Sinj was declared, by international standards, a movable cultural monument of the highest category, and in 2010 it was inscribed in the UNESCO register of intangible world cultural heritage.