Parties and funerals
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2011
Duration: 20*30
Picture format: 16:9
Director: Vinko Brešan, Goran Kulenović
contemporary, urban and dynamic TV series filled with comic story plots and solutions that mostly reflect the current reality of our existence as seen through the uniquely humorous prism of its characters; their actions and comments, who are trying to cope with the tough times of transition the best way they know how. The story plot begins with a look inside TIHOMIR‘s slowly sinking family-owned business – a funeral home. No clients on the horizon, the business ideas put forward by his loyal assistant HRISTO, a Macedonian patriot of Bulgarian origins, are completely useless. Parallel to his business fiasco, Tihomir’s marriage also goes downhill receiving the final blow when Tihomir catches his wife KSENIJA in the middle of an intercourse with his own brother BOŠKO. Thanks to Ksenija’s daughter MIA IVA, who sees Tihomir as her father Tihomir finds out about Ksenija’ winning game scam she has arranged with the aim to fulfil her lifelong dream – open a wedding agency. Mia Iva manages to arrange a seemingly impossible coexistence by making use of her mediator’s abilities: Tihomir’s funeral home and Ksenija’s wedding agency will coexists side by side with a secret agreement between Ksenija and Tihomir – the one who goes bankrupt first, doesn’t sell the place, but hands it over to the other party. Right form the start, the forced coexistence of the two companies at the shopping centre escalates into a full-scale war where everything is fair.