A Stranger
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 83min
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 1
Director: Bobo Jelčić
Producer: Zdenka Gold
Screenplay: Bobo Jelčić
Produced by: Spiritus Movens & HRT
Cast: Bogdan Diklić, Nada Đurevska, Ivana Roščić, Rakan Rushaidat
Awards: International film festival Bratislava 2013-best director
Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 17 years after the conflict between Croats and Bosniaks, the town is still divided. The River Neretva has been separating the two peoples for centuries, and now it also separates marriages and friendships... Slavko (a Croat, Catholic) learns that his friend Đulaga (a Bosniak, Muslim) has died. Should he cross the river and go to the other side of the divided town to his friends funeral, or not?