In Search of Marco Polo
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 8*50
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 8
Director: Miro Branković
Screenplay: Miro Branković
Produced by: HRT
Awards: Winner, Tourfilm Karlovy Vary, 2013 Winner, Baku Film festival, 2013 Winner, ITTF Solin, 2013 2.n
Relying on the book "The Million" by Marco Polo, a man who more than 700 years ago joined East with West, the HRT team lead us through exotic, at times surreal, regions and cultures, seeking evidence of the passage of Marco Polo. They get to know the territories and discover numerous cultural and historical curiosities and cultural differences. They bring us closer to three completely different circles of religion and civilization: the Islamic (Arabian), Hindu (Indian) and Buddhist (Far Eastern). The crew filmed the hottest deserts of Iran, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and China, climbed to over 5,000 meters in Tajikistan and Tibet, dived for pearls in Borneo, dined with former cannibals in Sumatra, picked tea in Sri Lanka and mined salt in India... In conversations with ordinary people they learned facts and stories about customs, beliefs, crafts and behavior unfamiliar to us, and also values of life that have developed, or are developing, in Asia. The experience of the fantastic has barely changed since the time of Marco Polo.