Couch Surfer
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2015
Duration: 30
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 6
Host: Đina Jakir
Director: Barbara Vekarić
Screenplay: Barbara Vekarić & Đina Jakir
Executive Producer: Jure Pavlović & Luka Venturin
Produced by: Sekvenca for HRT
Couch Surfer is a travel-documentary series for young viewers, hosted by the adventurous Đina, who takes us through 6 Balkan countries and, using couch surfing, introduces us to her interesting and peculiar hosts and some specific features of their cultures. Over the six episodes, the Couch Surfer takes us to Sarajevo (BiH), Skopje (Macedonia), Priština (Kosovo), Podgorica (Montenegro), Belgrade (Serbia) and Tirana (Albania).