Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2014
Duration: 30*9min
Picture format: 16:9
Director: Barbara Vekarić
Produced by: Studio DIM for HRT
Cast: Marin Arman Grbin, Tonka Pavić, Jadran Grubišić, Janko Rakoš
Space Lab is tv series for children where Toni and Maša (brother and sister) with little crocheted alien do a lot of interesting inventions up in their home attic. Main goal is to interpret science in fun and interesting way so that the children can experience it in creative and relaxed way. Young viewers keen on doing experiments will undoubtedly be pleased by this series which consists of educative and entertaining shows in which a space ship needs repairing, and its owner, the likable Heklanc (Crochet), needs assistance to return to his planet. In each episode, siblings Toni and Maša, with the help of their crocheted friend, will come up with a simple invention which they will use to fix the spacecraft, and while doing it they will learn some basic concepts of the natural sciences. With the practical advice they receive, along with a list of materials needed and a simple demonstration, the viewers will be able to replicate all the inventions at home; seen in The Laboratory at the End of the Universe, in the company of their friends or with a little help from adults.