Rest in Peace
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2015
Duration: 12*50 (1st season) 10*50 (2nd season)
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 10
Season: 2
Director: Goran Dukię
Producer: Dario Vince & Miodrag Sila
Screenplay: Dario Vince, Sa¹a Podgorelec & Ivan Turkovię Krnjak
Produced by: Ring Multimedia for HRT
Cast: Judita Frankovię, Anja ©ovagovię Despot, Dragan Despot, Goran Navojec, Nina Violię, Luka Dragię
In the first season of this series, each episode tells a story, and all the stories are linked together by the investigative effort (and private life) of Lucija Car, a young reporter. With the help of a former prison guard, in each episode she uncovers a cold case through her investigations of the lives, destinies and secrets hidden by the graves of the deceased. Always setting off from the present moment, Lucija moves through individual stories and destinies, revealing the downside of the transitional period in which the Croatia gained independence and experienced war along with political, economic and social transformation. In those tumultuous times and the period of general reorganization of positions and values, the ambitions, existential struggle and competition between people and groups left behind them a bloody trail of trampled morals and crime, nowadays covered in the silence of graves. In season two, Lucia Car travels to a small picturesque town in Istria following a story about a cult, but instead stumbles upon a much more interesting story which revolves around a former socialist factory of asbestos fibers, cover-ups of mysterious deaths of the factory workers which are associated with the dark side of politics, privatisation and economic crime. This is the most successful croatian TV series in international market. Channel Four (UK) buy a licence for broadcasting. VRT (Belgium) also recognized quality of series and buy a licence. Series is also broadcasting in USA