Sorry for Kung Fu
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2004
Duration: 71min
Picture format: 16:9
Awards: Warsaw International Film Festival 2005, Won Grand Prix
After spending several years in Germany as a refugee, Mira returns home to the small village of Duvnjaci in the Dalmatian in-lands. She arrives home pregnant, completely shocking her parents. Her father Jozo comes up with the idea of telling everybody that Mira is a widow. He plans to find her a new husband as soon as possible. With a little help from a matchmaker, several potential suitors visit their house. Her parents dislike the war veteran Caco because he is slightly deranged, as well as their neighbor Begic because he is Muslim. The best candidate is Mate, who clears mines on nearby fields. When Mira gives birth, a new problem arises - the babys father was Asian! Kate and Jozo have a hard time dealing with the mockery of their neighbors. Soon, Mira decides to take the child with her and leave her parents home. She comes back after a few years to visit her dying father. Finally, on his death bed, Jozo accepts the fact that his grandson is different.