What Is a Man Without a Moustache?
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Year of production:á2005
Picture format:á16:9
Number of episodes:á1
Tatjana and Miljenko are a young married Croatian couple living in Germany. Miljenko is killed when he falls while working on a construction site and his employer pays a financial settlement to his young widow. Tatjana then moves back to the rural countryside of Croatia where the couple first met. There she meets Father Stipan, an alcoholic Catholic priest of the local rundown church. Tatjana uses the settlement money to make a romantic purchase of the hill where Miljenko proposed to her only to make a small fortune when a local developer discovers precious minerals in the hill and pays Tatjana handsomely for it. She uses her newly acquired riches to purchase a grocery store and a hotel. Tatjana becomes a target for new prospective suitors, including her husbands brother Marinko (Ivo GregureviŠ), who has also recently returned from Germany. Tatjana falls in love with the troubled priest and offers most of her money to him so that the church can be repaired and the parish does not go bankrupt. Under the local bishops (Ivica VidoviŠ) threat of relocation if the funds arent raised, Father Stipan is torn between choosing to accept Tatjanas money to be given to the church and choosing Tatjanas love.