Red Dust
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 1999
Duration: 2*45min
Picture format: 4:3
Number of episodes: 2
Crni (27) a boxer of a periphery Zagreb club, flees the Yugoslav Army in 1990 because he had not been given a wire informing him of his mother’s death. He returns to his hometown and bumps into the wedding of his former girlfriend, Lidija and a local bully and a coffee bar owner Boss. With a help of his friend Škrga, the car mechanic, Crni becomes involved in cigarette smuggling without realizing that by doing so he threatens the same and already expanded Boss’s business. His coach Kirby, a local policeman who protects him form the military police and with whom Crni has a undefined, but a special relationship, persuades him to start boxing again. Faced with the brutality of her husband, Lidija leaves him. She is later killed in Crni’s house, following a complicated situation. The only witness of the murder is Zrik, a sixteen year-old apprentice of Škrga, who is a kind of a vantage point of the whole film.