From Grain to Painting
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2012
Duration: 75
Picture format: 16:9
Awards: Gold Camera - award for best documentary, US International Film & Video festival, Los Angeles, USA 2
Documentary From Grain to Painting explores the culture and artistic expression of the Croatian national minority in Vojvodina region. The film focuses on straw-girls, folk artists from Backa, who found their medium of choice in ecological material of straw, using it to create paintings, sculptures and applied art objects. The film depicts the connection between their everyday lives and artistic expression, their specific social and national position. Main subject matter deals with minority issues, human rights, social justice and has international potential. The film protagonists are famous straw-girls Ana Milodanovic and Jozefa Skenderovic, art historian Bela Duranci, priest Andrija Kopilovic and writer Naco Zelic. Through a series of interviews and authentic footage, the film promotes a renaissance of this craft which slowly, but definitely vanishes.