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Year of production: 2016
Duration: 50
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 1
In 1556, Zrinski won a series of victories over the Ottomans, culminating in the battle of Babócsa and thus preventing the fall of Szigetvár. In 1563, on the coronation of the Emperor Maximilian as king of Hungary, Zrinski attended the ceremony at the head of 3000 Croatian and Magyar mounted noblemen, in the vain hope of obtaining the dignity of palatine, vacant by the death of Tamás Nádasdy. Shortly after marrying (in 1564) his second wife, Eva of Roľmberk (Rosenberg), a Bohemian heiress, he hastened southwards to defend the frontier, and defeated the Ottomans at Szeged. In 1566, from 5 August to 7 September, his small force (2,300 soldiers) heroically defended the little fortress of Szigetvár against the whole Ottoman host (102,000 soldiers), led by Suleiman the Magnificent in person. The Siege of Szigetvár ended with every member of the garrison including ©ubić Zrinski in a last desperate sortie.Suleiman the Magnificent had died from a cerebral hemorrhage one day before the Ottomans won the war Miklós Zrínyi was a Croatian and Hungarian hero, military leader, statesman and poet. He was a member of the House of Zrínyi, a Croatian-Hungarian nobl family. Speakers in documentary are: -Geza Galavicz, Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences -Lajos Negyesi, The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Hungary -Pal Fodor, Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences -Geza Palffy, Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences -Szabolcz Varga, Episcopal High School of Theology Pecs