Why the lady sitting alone?
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2016
Duration: 50
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 1
This is the story of a growing number of ladies, who despite education, constant work, situatedness, will for socializing and outs, they can not find a suitable partner. All the smaller number of young people decide to live together, all of them important is their independence. But if they truly want to, or are men lost courage, and women become strong, very self-sufficient? This is a trend that is not present only in Croatia, this is a universal story and is becoming more common. They are busy, live alone and are well-situated. Happy nature, social and love to spend leisure time actively. They go to the theater, exhibitions, concerts. Well, hard to find the right partner. We do not know whether they are more to blame or men.