CSI Croatia (Real Crime)
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2016
Duration: 10*45
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 10
Season: 1
Producer: Interfilm for HRT
The documentary series CSI Croatia, created by Jadranka Cicvarić Šiftar and Predrag Šiftar, brings the team that is first to arrive at the crime scene to the television screen. The series was recorded at actual locations where some of the most publicised and toughest crimes to solve were committed. The series ten episodes portray over thirty cases, some of which are a famous triple murder in Petrinja, two missing girls in Sinj and Trilj, the disappearance of a female Police Academy student from Velika Gorica, the murder of a homeless man in a railway tunnel in Rijeka, the murder of a police officer after a bank robbery in Nedelišće, the murder of a woman on Učka mountain made to look like a traffic accident, the murder of a wealthy retiree from Zagreb, the monstrous murder of a three-member family of Slovenian citizens in Rovinj, the murder of an Italian businessman in a caravan on the island of Krk. Viewers will not only find the crime scene investigations interesting; they will also see analyses of a serial rapist who operated in Zagreb in the 1990s, a serial arsonist from Virje, an unpredictable blackmail artist from Koprivnica, a band of Romanian gold thieves that was being hunted all over Europe but was finally arrested in Istria.