Misho and Robin
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2016
Duration: 30*5
Picture format: 16:9
Produced by: Reci RCLE for HRT
Misho and Robin (30x5) is a fun animated educa-tional series for children from age 2 to 5, based on Choro and Robin Adventures app. Though intended primarily for small children, char- acters Misho and Robin put smile on the faces of the entire family. Adorably silly, they stumble from adventure to adventure, always learning something new and always having fun. The two main characters are a cat Misho and his best friend robin - Robin. They solve puzzles togeth-er and learn about the world around them. The third main character is the Narrator s voice. Since all the characters are communicating in their own languag- es, the Narrator is translating and explaining what s going on to the viewers. The Narrator also laughs along with the characters, shows compassion, ques- tions characters; decisions and comments on them, always leaving the young viewers to come to their own conclusions and answers first.