Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2016
Duration: single documnetary 50 min, or series 8*50min
Picture format: 16:9
Number of episodes: 4
Season: 1
When was the last time a historical program was watched by your children, your neighbors and colleagues? Is it possible to gather different generations of viewers, male and female, laymen who dont give a rats ass about history as well as experts and have them all watch and praise a history program? Secret to success is in the innovative combination of serious topic and fun approach in which we exchange academics and experts with the host who leads us through life of Greats on a funny and dynamic way. In each of eight episodes a biography of a historical & Great, war hero, inventor, writer or musician is depicted as a fun story N. S. Zrinski, N. Tesla, Ban J. Jelacic, F. Vrancic, M. Drzic, S. Radic, I. Mazuranic and Ivana B. Mazuranic, as well as I. Zajc and V. Lisinski. Besides that were travelogue likeformat because we go through authentic and key locations related to the life of each Great from birth to the death of each one. For the first season in eight episodes we shot in about 60 cities and eight countries. Although its historically themed, this series has gained tremendous ratings even amongst the people who arent interested in history and an avalanche of great reviews from viewers and experts. Croatian Greats is a proof that if you make it fun, history can be interesting to anyone.