Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2016
Duration: 62
Picture format: 16:9
Awards: Underhill Fest 2016. ZagrebDox 2016. Regional competitions
A portrayal of Croatian reality through the optics of events in a residential building in Zagreb. Tomislav P. (42) is a co-owner in a residential high-rise in Zagreb. Motivated by accidentally attending the co-op meeting, his experiences there, and the war on the building s notice board between the two candidates running for the tenants representative, he decides to delve a little deeper into the building relations, common resources and their expenditure. However, the parliament election year sets the pace of the residential building election to an incredible extent. Resources, gas separators, damaged tins, building’s dereliction, all these matters give way to those seeking ideological answers to the questions of where you were in 1991, are you a leftist or a rightist, our man or their man. Seemingly a low-tension election prove just the opposite. Everyday conflicts arise and anxiety builds up among Tomislav P.s building tenants.