Promised Land
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2019
Duration: 50
Picture format: 16:9
Every minute a new person comes to Australia. What are the foundations of Australia's model of multiculturalism, is it the world's most successful one and what challenges does it face? Why Melbourne and the state of Victoria are considered as multicultural mecca? How much does immigration contribute to the economic success of the continent? How big is Australia's humanitarian program, how does the state help newly arrived refugees to adapt? How does the Australian demographics change? To what extent do Asians, notably the Chinese community, influence the Australia's public life? How much do Muslims participate within the Australian gene map, is there islamophobia in public life? Is white Australia's politics a distant past, how much racism is present and to what extent legal protections against racial offenses can restrict freedom of speech? How strong is social cohesion within the Australian society? What provisions of the new citizenship law have been tightened, what are the Australian values and are they directed against Muslims? Why do Australian politicians and the public fear from the illegal immigration?