The age of Uskoks
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 4*52min
Picture format: 16:9
Producer: Marija Kosor
The Age of Uskoks is the newest documentary-drama series produced by the HTV Documentary Program, providing an innovative approach in presenting the history of the Senj Uskoks; 16th and 17th-century pirates, soldiers and crusaders. This lavish production featuring epic presentations of historical events and battles between the great European powers of the time (Habsburg Monarchy, Venetian Republic and Ottoman Empire) provides interesting details about the Uskoks; war and pirate raids, whose outcome was often humiliating for their superior enemy, mainly Venice. For the needs of the series, for instance, a Venetian war galley was reconstructed in its original size. Uskok ships, Ottoman war camps and imperial and royal palace interiors were made. Hundreds of extras participated, as well as some of the best known Croatian film actors portraying historical figures. Produced by the internationally proven team behind the Croatian Kings and The Republic series that have been shown in dozens of countries worldwide, this convincing and suspenseful story about amiable Adriatic pirates featuring impressive costumes, elaborate production design and top visual effects guarantees a unique film and television enjoyment.