I Believe in Angels
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production: 2010
Duration: 103min
Picture format: 4:3
Awards: Funchal Film Festival, Madeira 2010-Audience Award/ 56th Pula Film Festival 2009-award for Best Fil
The mailmen, Sime, is one of the favorite people of a small town, on an island in the middle of the sea. Sime is very intelligent and the locals have high regards for him because he is unusually well versed in all the events and destinies in the small town. He knows the weather forecast, what winds will blow, what the sermon on the Sunday mass will be. For all the locals Sime is an untouchable genius. However, unlike the locals, the viewers soon find out that the Simes ingenuity is based on his reading of the mail. Fascinated by other peoples destinies, Sime has perfected a way for opening letters and keeping complete records on the people living on the island. He keeps a precise track of who gets what kinds of letters, and that gives him insight into discrete and private affairs of people. One day a beautiful woman named Dea moves into town, and all the men try and court her. However, Dea is keeping some kind of a secret and she completely ignores all their attempts, also charming