Valley of the Sun
Screener avaliable upon request
Year of production:á2009
Picture format:á16:9
Number of episodes:á210
Valley of the Sun is the most popular croatian telenovela, which had great rating in whole ex-Yu region in 2010., with 5 million viewers per day. The family telenovela Valley of the Sun is set in the picturesque continental town of Jablanovo. The serial portrays the destiny and relationships between characters in a specific setting where they depend on each other, while leading multiply intertwined lives. Valley of the Sun is primarily a tale of love, passion, deception, lost trust and regained friendship. A few months ago, Eva Kralj, the main protagonist, had a perfect life. She was happily married to her husband, both fostering successful careers and leading rich social lives. One evening Eva’s husband dies in a car crash. At first devastated and unable to continue with her life, after a few months Eva finally decides to do what she had long been putting up – she goes to Jablanovo, a town about 60 miles away from the capital, where her husband had his attorney office for years. The journey to Jablanovo changes her life to the core. Mesmerised by this seeming idyll, Eva is led to believe that life in such “fairytale” might bring her happiness. She quits her job, sells all of her assets and buys a derelict house in the main town square. However, Jablanovo brings Eva no peace: much to her shock, she discovers that her husband had another family there, leading a double life. The mayor of Jablanovo, the beautiful Julija VitezoviŠ, was in a relationship with her husband and gave him a five-year-old son. Having sold all of her property in order to move, it is too late to change her plan. Meanwhile, Julija does everything in her power to force Eva out of town. With no money, no job and shaken by this knowledge, Eva has to stay in Jablanovo and build a life next door to her late husband’s lover and their son. After the initial shock she decides to regain her strength and renovate the old house into a small hotel. She starts a business, inexp